How to teach discipline

How to teach discipline

Outbound di malang. Discipline is the most important thing to teach. How can we provide the discipline that makes a difference? Should we start instilling discipline. Discipline is a form of love. There are ways to discipline children with dignity that allows them to still feel good about themselves, to continue to be pleased with their performance, but also need to teach that they’ve made a mistake and should be responsible.

Often we encounter some students are not accustomed to discipline, so when you discipline them, they feel that is not the norm. Their reaction can be violent or disrespectful. But that’s the only thing they know, their reactions are normal reactions to abnormal situations. We have to be careful about how we provide discipline for those who may not be ready for it. Differences within the norm could be the cause.

At any time a student came to my office with his mother. He presented a problem, he does not want to do homework and other things. Obviously, he does not show much respect for the way he treats his mother, the way she talked to him. I asked her if I could speak to her own two. Finally I spoke to him about my own life that grows with a single parent and how we can sometimes forget how fortunate we still have people in our lives. We are angry about people who are not there. I can see this kis get angry because her father was not there for her and then I told him, “Think about the people who are there for you”.

This is the story of a boy who would play basketball with me and the other teachers in the evening. If we have events on  weekends, we would invite him and help him get there. So I said , ” I do not think it’s fair that you treat your mother in that way and then we take you to the event and gave special treatment. Parents is very important.”

He was homeless, so I have to be very careful and loving the way I presented to him. But I know this will be one of the only pictures of me to send a message to these young people, because if the mother’s day, what would prompt her professor, or someone who says, “Hey, you’re gonna lose your scholarship”? I do not want him to be adult professional and then lose what it has because of the way he treated people.

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